Learn How To Draw Upon The Right Universal Energies To Create The Change You Want

If you wanted to lose weight, then how hard or easy do you think it would be for you to do it? If you wanted to make more money, then do you have the confidence that you can do this? What if you want to attract a certain type of spouse into your life? Maybe want to achieve a specific thing such as going back to college or even traveling to another country. Anything you want right away your mind will do something tricky to you and this happens to everyone. Here’s what will happen: 

• Your mind will begin to tell you all the reasons why you can’t have something or why you don’t deserve to have it. You’ll think about all the things that are going to create resistance to you actually taking action. Even if you can avoid these things at first, this negative energy begins to creep in as soon as you get started. This is why some people are good at getting started with goals, but they can’t follow all the way through to the end to achieve them. 

• You begin to think about all the pain you’ll have to go through in order to get what you want or achieve what you want. As humans we’re designed to want to avoid pain. When something is painful we’ll resist it and gravitate towards what makes us feel good in the moment. This is why once some people are in a bad state they stay in that bad state. The effort required in order to get out of it is just too great (too painful). 

• You begin to fear what’s going to be required if you actually do achieve something in order to sustain meeting a new expectation. For instance, the person who lost weight would now have to work in order to keep the weight off. Do you believe they’ll be able to sustain the actions they had to engage in to reach their goal in the first place. What happens if they put the weight back on? It’s the same with anything. Some people aren’t afraid of front end failure, but failure on the back end (meaning achieving a goal, but then regressing). 

Your mind is actually trying to protect you from pain, but it also holds you back in the process. People who get what they want learn how to overcome these forms of resistance, but it isn’t easy. Not LOA is supposed to be something that helps you attract to you what you want, but if your controlled by fear then this is going to be very tough to do. Your working against the universe in this sense, because your just not open to change or what you claim to want. 

Well what you would benefit from greatly would be a guide that’s designed to really show you how the universe works. This is what the Manifestation Miracle can do for you. This guide is an easy read. It has different methods and techniques laid out in it that are simple to understand. You can find examples and presentations available for the material inside in order to make sure you absorb things the right way. The Manifestation Miracle guide isn’t magic, but it does a good job at truly helping you to see what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. 

Resistance is a powerful energy, but its also the universes way of testing you. If you pass the test you get what you want. If you fail, then you get what you’ve been getting. You need to master the art of putting yourself into the right states of mind so that you can draw to you what you want. Not only will you be able to draw what you want to you, but you’ll be able to get whatever you want as well. Just be warned that it won’t work instantly. Some things take time and you must expect this. You would feel confident about getting what you want though. This is what would keep you moving towards it. 

When you want to make positive change in your life, you have to believe you can do it. If you don’t then you won’t get started. Conventional LOA material is confusing and it makes it seem like things work by magic when this isn’t the case. Manifestation Miracle helps you to understand how you have to think and what you have to do in order to really make the universe work for you. When your able to do this then you’ll find it so much easier to make change and bring into being the things you want. 
This guide is for those who want something that really works, even if some of the methods mentioned inside of it might be a little unorthodox.

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